Virgin Beach Tour

Peruvian beaches are very beautiful, especially it's virgin beaches. To the west of Ica City, the coastline is completely undeveloped. The only way to access this part of the coast is by 4x4 vehicle due to the cordillera of daunting dunes that line the coastline. In this full day tour, we will bring you on a 60 km route through the desert arriving at the virgin beaches of Ica, a place only known to straying fisherman and the few lucky tourists that visit each year. There are unbelievable coastal views, and intriguing rock formations. Here you will explore the coastline, visiting natural caves, a popular sea lion sun bathing sight, and have a chance to take a swim. We provide a bagged lunch for our customers. You will return to see the sunset in Huacachina from the top of the dunes.

There is a minimum of 4 people to do this tour.

Tour Prices:
$125 per person for 4 people
$110 per person for 5-6 people
$100 per person for 7 or more

To make a reservation for this tour, fill out the Tour Reservation Form below or call +51 942656261

Sandboarding in Ica

Take a Virgin Beach Tour

Take a tour to see some virgin beaches on the coast of Ica. This tour does cost more than other tours, but then again all private tours are. This is not a commercialized tour, and is only offered with advanced booking. Please contact us so we can schedule this private tour.