Private Dune Buggy & Sandboarding Tour

The private "Dune Buggy & Sandboarding Tour" is the perfect tour for you, if you would like a buggy ride that is less intense or more catered to your liking. This is the most popular dune buggy tour for people that are very limited on time, or for those who wish to focus on taking pictures or sandboarding. Our expert drivers will take you on an adventure through the nearby dunes and desert. The other dune buggy tours are group tours that go during the afternoon from 4pm-6pm or 4:30-6:30pm depending on the season.

What we pride ourselves in is giving you a safe & fun tour experience with well maintained vehicles, skilled veteran drivers, and the lowest price possible.

Private Buggy Tour
Only $25 (Minimum 2 People)

To make a reservation for this tour, fill out the Tour Reservation Form below or call +51 942656261

Dune Buggy Tour and Sandboarding

Private Buggy and Sandboarding Tours

Often there are people who come to our office or write to us to ask about doing a dune buggy tour in the desert, but want to do a very soft, relaxed tour without plummeting through the dunes, or with more of a focus on photography. Sometimes people cannot participate in the group tour because of bus schedules or time restraints. We have several small dune buggies (2-4 seaters) which do private tours. These tours are more expensive than the group tours because we have almost the same expenses for a fewer amount of people and last 1 hour with sandboarding or 40 minutes for those who want to do a private tour without sandboarding. This tour can be done at any time during the day with a previous reservation, but before 3pm because then the drivers are always doing the group tours afterwards.


If you would prefer to do a private tour you need 2 people minimum.
$25USD per person