Perú Travel Tips

Although Huacachina , Perú is a generally safe place to be, take some general safety advice while traveling in Peru.
1) Eat in established restaurants to avoid a sour stomach or worse.
2) Don’t trust strangers that come up to you on the street, even if they speak English, some want to take advantage of you.
3) Lock up valuables in safes in your place of stay when they are not going with you.
4) When you go out to the bars, go with a fellow traveler and have a plan.
5) Don’t leave your Ipod, phone etc. in public areas unattended, they might not be there when you go back. Same goes for hanging your purse, camera or day bag on the back of restaurant chairs, place them on your lap or hang them on your knee instead.
6) Don’t trust the taxi drivers, they are not the travel experts they believe to be. They often bring you different places because they receive kick backs in the form of money for free stuff.
7) Don’t buy tours or bus tickets from someone on the street. If things didn’t go the way they told you, where will you look for this person to complain, or get your money back? Buy in a formal tour company office or establishment.
8) Drink bottled water and and drinks that come packaged from a manufacturer.
9) Don't venture off the beaten path, looking for local excitement.
10) Don't come to Perú to but drugs, it's illegal first and second it can be dangerous.
11) Wear protection if you plan on goofing off with the locals.
12) Make sure you bring your medication from your local pharmacist and bring the prescription too.
13) Always keep a form of ID on you while traveling, e.g. passport (This is require for boarding buses etc.)
14) Use common sense!
15) Make sure you have small change in your pocket as most places don't keep much change on hand for purchases.
16)Bring protective clothing if you are planning to go to the mountains or desert regions.
17) If you have the opportunity to bring a small pillow, bring it, it's advisable because hotels and other establishments have the hardest pillow you have ever seen. Trust me on this one! A pain in the neck hinders your ability to have fun.
18) Don't bring excess goodies especially expensive ones unless they are needed.
19) Leave your fancy jewelry at home, it might save you from heartache, or in worse cases, your life.
20) Have fun and be safe. Perú is a really great place, so enjoy!!!