The Legend of Huacachina

Huacachina Legend: On the main boulevard, there is mermaid statue with a wishing well which is the photo focal point of Huacachina. The reason this statue is here is because there is a legend that there is a mermaid that lives in the lagoon. Legend has it that before Huacachina existed there was a maiden in the countryside brushing her hair, looking at herself in the mirror. The maiden was a beautiful virgin who had a pact with a god that she would never fall in love with anyone, as he wanted her all to himself. That day as she was looking in her mirror in the reflection she saw a hunter and fell blindly in love with him at first sight. The all-knowing god found out and cast a spell on her and turned her into a mermaid so that she could never be with the hunter. As he did this the mirror crashed to the ground and created the Huacachina lagoon, and her tunics blew away in the wind only to create the imposing dunes that surround Huacachina. Legend says that she comes out at night, especially when there is a full moon, to sing to the single men that pass by trying to entice them into the lagoon.

The Meaning of "Huacachina"

Huacachina means in Quechua: The woman who cries and apparently for her lost love.
Quechua, is the original Peruvian language, and is still spoke by many peruvians (Mostly people in the Andy Mountains).