VIP - Special Events, Tours & Logistics

Desert Events Peru, is a special events coordinations company, with vast experience in the logistics and other complicated tasks involved in accomplishing our customers requests. We can produce high end results for those that wish to enjoy the finer side, or if needed, a more commercial approach can be taken. It all really depends on the occasion at hand. We have been involved in the transport, camping and food logistics for soap operas, TV shows, music videos, weddings, mining expeditions, scientific films, scientific explorations, 4x4 guiding, and much more. We are able to accommodate and organize camps for large numbers of people in highly inaccessible sites with food, tents, bathrooms, electricity and more.

Any special requests should be discussed through email.

Special events logistics in Ica

We make it happen!

Whatever the occasion might be, we have the experience and capabilities to make it all come together in an organized and professional manner. We are flexible and reliable. Just let us know what your needs are.